• Noah Raford


Presentation slides

Complex social systems can exhibit dramatic non-linear phase transitions after passing key thresholds, or tipping points. Recent research into the dynamics of such transitions suggest that such phase transitions may be structurally endemic to many classes of complex social systems, which we depend upon, including critical infrastructures such as the electric grid, IT networks, and financial markets. Noah Raford will discuss key findings from this literature and frame a discussion on their social and political implications. The talk will be accompanied by model demonstrations of key concepts.

As usual, the focus of the seminar will be to explore some key complexity issues, within the context of practical applications.

Speaker bio

Noah Raford is a PhD candidate at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and is has worked as a researcher at the LSE Complexity Programme. He specialises in urban simulation and complexity, with a focus on governance and planning problems associated with nonlinear change.


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