• Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly Director of the Complexity Research Programme, LSE & Arts Club Member
  • Michael Petry Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art London & Curator of the Royal Academy Schools Gallery


Have you wondered what complexity theory is about and whether it is of any practical use? This talk will help to clarify the theory and its application by taking a conceptual art example which you, as a participant will help to create. The art ‘object’ is called ‘The Space Between: Superstring Installation’ and has been set up by Michael Petry in two international conferences on complexity and art.

Eve Mitleton-Kelly will illustrate some concepts from complexity theory evident from the collaboratively created art object. She will discuss how complexity theory can help us understand some aspects of art and creativity; and Michael Petry will talk about what art can contribute to the theory and help us to understand it more clearly.

The event will be both practical and theoretical and you do not need to know anything about complexity theory to join us. We hope that it will also be fun!

Audio files

  1. 2009-ArtsClubPresentation27July09_EMK.mp3