Organised by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Complexity Science for Health Systems.

The W.H.O. Collaborating Centre for Complexity Science for Health Systems just announced its first international Summer Institute. Held at the University of British Columbia (Robson Square Campus) in Vancouver, Canada, from June 14-25, 2015, the Institute offers a ten-day comprehensive program that introduces emerging topics at the interface of complex systems modeling and health systems research.

The school is intended for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, interested in interdisciplinary research and/or employing complex systems tecniques to design optimal intervention strategies to address public and global health issues. Its program consists of lectures, group project work, and discussion sessions to provide an in-depth focus on principle, tools, and current topics in complex systems research and network modeling.

Organized by Krista English and Babak Pourbohloul of University of British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, the Summer Institute will include lectures by ISI Director of Science Ciro Cattuto, ISI Research Leaders Vittoria Colizza and Alessandro Vespignani, and ISI Fellow Yamir Moreno. Online applications will be accepted from November 15, 2014 until January 15, 2015.

First International Summer Institute in Complexity Science for Health Systems. University of British Columbia, Robson Square Campus, Vancouver, June 14-25, 2015.


The page for the event,, is no longer available. However, an archived version of the page from Feb 2015 is available.