Business information site containing a Complexity section with annotated links to articles, papers and other relevant information.


Promotes free worldwide education about complex systems by integrating relevant information on the Internet.

Complexity Digest

Collects and disseminates online information about complexity science, including the Complexity Digest electronic newsletter.


Future and Emerging Technologies unit in the European Commission. It gives an update on efforts to foster “complexity” research within the European commission and presents funding opportunities in this area.

Exystence is on

Indiana Complexity Committee

Courses, seminars and website on complexity organised by a Joint Committee covering Indiana State University and four local educational colleges.

Institute for Science, Innovation and Society

The Institute focuses on research, policy development and teaching programmes which provide new approaches to understanding technological and social change.

Local Government Management Board

Organisation Learning Project oriented towards the needs of local authorities; includes resource pack on learning from complexity.

Mateo Willis

Connecting art and complexity 

Michael Lissack

Links to research, journals, papers, e-mail list, archive and other information on complexity.

New England Complex Systems Institute

Independent educational and research institution dedicated to advancing the study of complex systems.


dedicated to the creation of a cross-disciplinary academic-industrial body of knowledge regarding product innovation within volatile extended enterprises.

Plexus Institute

is constructed so members of the complexity community can suggest additional content for the site - books, articles, conferences, websites, news etc.

Santa Fe Institute

Leading centre for studying complexity and other topics which break down barriers between traditional disciplines.


Full of examples of how organisation can make use of complexity theory.


Web-based complexity resources for health care professions managed by the VHA Complexity Leadership and Learning network of healthcare managers, doctors and nurses.