Kate Hopkinson

Senior Research Associate

EMK Complexity Group

Kate Hopkinson is Director of Inner Skills, a consultancy she set up in 1995. She uses an innovative methodology she has developed, called Landscape of the Mind. As well as 30 years experience in management and organisation development, Kate has been CEO of a not-for-profit organisation, and served for 6 years on the board of Saferworld, an NGO concerned with international security issues.

She is a designated expert in cognitive sciences for the European Commission, and has been a formal reviewer for EU projects.

As well as writing articles and papers, she contributed to the best selling “The Personal Management Handbook”. She has been attached to the Complexity research group at LSE since 2000, and worked on the ICoSS project, with Rolls-Royce Marine, Norwich Union, Shell, BT and The Modernisation Agency of the NHS.