Dr Paul Stevens

Senior Research Associate

EMK Complexity Group

Paul Stevens started working life as a research scientist gaining a PhD from Brunel University, an MSc in Biochemistry from London University and a BSc in Pharmacology from Bradford University. He spent nearly fifteen years unsuccessfully searching for new medicines.

He next spent about twenty years leading various aspects of IT for a major pharmaceutical company eventually reaching the dizzying heights of Vice-president of IT for the UK subsidiary.

In 2008, Paul retired from gainful employment and is now a fulltime, unpaid numismatist researching the coins and coinage of India with particular focus on the British East India Company.

His interest in complexity science began in the 1990s during a series of seminars run at the London School of Economics. Since then he has been interested in the application of these ideas to various aspects of his work, initially in managing people, but most recently to numismatics.