Book by Marc Goergen, Christine Mallin, Eve Mitleton-Kelly, Ahmed Al-Hawamdeh and Iris Hse-Yu Chiu

You are invited to a seminar and launch of a new book on Corporate Governance seen from a complexity theory perspective. The book is based on an ESRC-funded project which involved 5 universities and a multidisciplinary team of senior researchers including law, finance, economics and applied complexity theory. The talks by the co-authors, will present some surprising findings and important new insights into why governance systems are failing and what may be done to improve this situation.

A key issue that scholars, practitioners and regulators of corporate governance face is the complexity of the relationships between a company and its shareholders, as well as its stakeholders and gatekeepers. The authors propose an innovative approach, which uses concepts from complexity theory to deal with these complex relationships. The book also addresses some significant gaps in the literature and deals with methodological limitations.

The holistic approach to the study of corporate governance, that will be presented, will prove invaluable to practitioners, academics and regulators.

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