• Professor Sue Richards OBE
  • Lynne Sedgmore CBE


What does leadership mean, and how can leaders behave and be different in a world increasingly characterised by complexity?

Are organisations choosing the right leaders to ensure they navigate successfully a more complex world and local context? How are leaders developed and supported so that they have the capability to go beyond the conventional models and outcomes of organisational leadership?

The workshop will explore different models that are better fitted for the ever increasing complexities faced by leaders; ways of ensuring a supply of top leaders who can transcend the paradigm in which they were nurtured; and the capabilities needed for effective leadership of complexity.

Case studies will draw on research produced for the New Synthesis programme, an international collaboration between six countries which explores how governmental leaders need to develop their capability to cope with increased complexity. It draws also on a Cabinet Office review of public sector leadership development.

Lynne Sedgmore and Sue Richards combine knowledge of human resources and leadership. development, personal experience as senior leaders and extensive inquiry into how ‘a world of organisation’ is being replaced by ‘a world of system, relationships and inter-connectedness’.

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